Eye Exercises for Sports Players to Improve Their Peripheral and Near/Far Vision

A lot of visual coordination is required when you play sports. There are some sports that require it more than others (like baseball or tennis vs football), but the bottom line is that usually if you want to excel in whatever sport you’re playing, your vision and eyesight need to be performing at the top of their game (pun intended).

And it’s not just the near/far vision that needs to be working, a player’s peripheral vision also needs to performing extremely well. Sports require the full range of vision to be in top shape, and excellent vision can be what separates the rookies from the pros.

Whether you play baseball or football, there are exercises you can do to give yourself an advantage over the competition. Below I’m going to show you 2 exercises that will exercise and improve both your peripheral vision, as well as your near/far vision.

The ClockWheel Exercise

The ClockWheel exercise stimulates and improves your peripheral vision.

Having strong peripheral vision is important in any sport, but it is particularly useful in baseball, football, basketball, and soccer.

To do this exercise, simply look straight up as far as you can without moving your head. Now slowly start rotating your eyes to the left, then down, to the right, and then back up to complete a full circle. Each rotation should take a minimum of 5 seconds.

Do 2 full rotations before reversing the direction you turn your eyes. Rotate 2 full rotations in the opposite direction as well. Do this 5 times for a total of 20 rotations.

Tromboning Exercise

The tromboning exercise activates and exercises the near/far part of the eye and helps you focus your eyes easily and quickly. This is extremely useful for baseball players when they’re at bat, or for football receivers.

To do this exercise, hold a pencil out at arms length and look at it.

Slowly bring the pencil towards your eyes until it begins to look out of focus. Hold it there and see if you can get it in focus and bring even closer.

When it is no longer in focus, start moving the pencil away from your face.

This this for 20 repetitions.

Note: you should keep the pencil vertical throughout the entire exercise. DO NOT point the pencil towards your face!

Taking 10 minutes before a game to do these exercises can literally make a difference on how you perform on the court or playing field. Use them wisely!

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