NV Session #2: How Weight Loss and Dieting Effect Your Vision

In this session of the Natural Vision Podcast, I talk about how our eyesight is effected by our diets and the dangerous lies the diet and food industries tell us about weight gain and health. I also tell you about a number of essential vitamins and nutrients to eat that will improve your eyesight and overall health as well as 2 easy ways to get them into your body (that don’t require you to eat raw broccoli).

In this session you’ll find out:

  • Why “calorie counting” is the wrong way to lose weight.
  • An easy test to find out if a food is good for you or not (and it doesn’t require reading a label).
  • The real reason you lose weight when you diet  – and how these techniques actually can cause to gain more weight in the long run.
  • The role nutrition plays in keeping our bodies healthy.
  • 8 Essential vitamins and nutrients that vital for proper visual health.
  • The truth about Vitamin A and carrots when it comes to improving your vision.

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Items mentioned in this podcast:

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