When’s the Best Time to Schedule an Eye Exam?

While I strongly encourage people to do eye exercises and eat healthy in order to keep their eyes functioning a their best, the reality is that you should have your eyes examined each year for cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye diseases.

With that being said, when is the best time to schedule your eye exam?

It’s important to understand that our eyes are not static organs in our bodies. Our eye muscles’ flexibility change throughout the day and week, and this can actually  have a direct effect on our vision and visual acuity.

The eye doctor could give you one prescription one day, and if he were to examine your eyes a few days later, he’d find your prescription could be different.

The goal when getting a pair of glasses is actually not to get the strongest prescription. The lenses you receive should put your visual acuity in the 20/30 range (instead of 20/20). This will actually slow down the rate of needing a stronger prescription, and if you’re wearing your glasses while doing an eye exercise training program, then eventually those lenses may get too strong, requiring an even weaker prescription.

You Should Get Your Eye Exam Scheduled…

So with all of the being said, when should you schedule your eye exam? When your eyes will be least stressed.

For most people, that will be first thing Monday morning. They’ve just come off a relaxing weekend – so they’re relaxed – and they haven’t spent any time yet in front of their computer. When they go to the eye exam, they’re eyes will be the most relaxed.

There are a few more things you should know, when scheduling your eye exam:

  •  It’s probably a good idea to do an eye workout with eye exercises the morning of the exam. This will ensure that your eyes are really functioning at their best.
  • Regarding different types of eye doctors, you can check out this post to find the best type of eye doctor to examine your eyes.
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