3 Steps to Achieving the Your Eye’s Maximum Potential

When you walk into the eye doctors office for an eye exam, they test for only one thing – whether you can see clearly when looking at an object, or not.

But there are 3 steps your visual system makes in order to see and the only thing that’s tested in the basic eye exam is step 3.

Step #1 Your Total Field of Vision

To make my point, watch the short clip below:

An eye exam only measures what you are currently focusing on – NOT your full field of vision.

When you first look at an object you’re actually seeing a wide view of everything surrounding the object. You mind needs to first be aware that this is the global picture.

Step #2 Paying Attention to the Object

Once your visual system is aware that there is an object of interest, it must hone in on that object. This process is call “binocularity”.

Step #3 Focusing

Once steps #1 and #2 have been achieved you still need to focus on the object.

And this is where normal eye exams fall short. They only test your vision when your eyes are already focusing on something. If you can’t focus properly, they’ll prescribe glasses that will make your eyes focus.

In order for your visual system to work properly it needs all 3 of these components to be working.

You can imagine what impact this would have for someone who’s driving, or someone who’s in a classroom, or a fast paced work environment. Because they’re wearing devices that force their eyes into a state of focus all of the time, they can easily miss the full picture (as the video above demonstrates.)

Achieving Perfect Vision

Your visual system is highly complex, but it only needs 2 things to stay in excellent working order: exercise and nutrition.

This shouldn’t sound foreign, these are the things you need to do to keep your entire body healthy!

Just like you exercise your body, you must exercise your eyes.

Poor vision is caused by the same thing that causes poor health – our indoor, sedentary lifestyles.

Most of us (and I’ll raise my hand as well), work at the computer all day. This leads to significant visual stress. The same way you combat physical stress, you must also combat visual stress.

Start doing eye exercises and eating right. It’s not so hard, and you’ll begin to see a dramatic improvement in less than a week.

Check out my vision resources page as a place to get started.

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