My Rebuild Your Vision Review

Important Notice: The Rebuild Your Vision Program has been discontinued. After extensive research, I now recommend the Program for Better Vision, which has an equally comparable program (and as an added bonus costs 50% less than the Rebuild Your Vision Program). I full stand behind the Program for Better Vision and think it will give you the same results of clear, perfect eyesight.

You’re probably here because you have one question: can vision be improved and can the Rebuild Your Vision Program help you do it?

I’ve written extensively about this program on the blog and have even done a live case study of myself using the program.

And the short answer to your question is, yes, this program will improve your vision.

In my first 5 weeks of using the program I was able to drop an entire diopter off my glasses prescription.

Will everyone achieve these kind of results? Probably not (although, many may experience better results), but by using this program you’re almost guaranteed to see  an improvement in your eyesight and vision. It teaches you how to use your eyes and see in ways you’ve never done before.

My History with Glasses

rebuild-your-vision-reviewI got my first pair of glasses when I was 12. For the next 10 years I wore glasses, and each year was prescribed a stronger and stronger prescription until my prescription hovered around the -7 range.2006 was the first time I discovered the Rebuild Your Vision program. I bought and started doing the exercises over the next 6 months, at which point I moved to another country, got married and started a family. My focus on improving my vision waned for a few years until recently I decided it was time to make it a priority in my life again.

At the end of 2012 I bought the Rebuild Your Vision program again (having long lost the original program) and started doing a live case study on the blog. Within the first 2 days, I started noticing a change in my vision. I eyesight was sharper, and less strained. I no longer had headaches after long periods of working at the computer. But the best part was that 5 weeks into the program I was able to lower my prescription by an entire diopter and got a newer, weaker pair of  glasses.

I will continue using the program and documenting my progress on the blog. Eventually I will get to 20/20 vision. It could be next year it could be in 5 years, but I will get there.

Why Eye Exercises Work

The Rebuild Your Vision program consists of a series of eye exercises and training schedules to follow depending our your vision condition (near sightedness, far sightedness, astigmatism etc).

What are eye exercises? They’re simply exercises to strengthen the muscles in your eyes. I won’t go into the political aspects of why these techniques are not more mainstream, but just like the rest of your body, your eyes contain muscles, and if not exercised those muscles will weaken.

In our modern day life we spend most of our days looking at things close to our face (computer, smartphone, books etc). This near point stress causes the muscles of our eyes to become stressed and weakened. When the muscles of the eye become less flexible, we will notice a deterioration in our vision. Many of us go decades with this stress building up.

(Click here for an article that discusses why near point stress can cause vision deterioration.)

It’s pretty self explanatory what eye exercises do – they exercise your eyes! They improve the flexibility of the muscles in your eyes as well as strengthen them. Different people will have different results with the program, but everyone who starts exercising their eyes, will begin noticing an improvement in their vision.

Improvements I Noticed in My Vision

When I first started doing the exercises in the Rebuild Your Vision program, I noticed that not only was my vision sharper and clearer, but colors looked more vibrant, and my peripheral vision and night vision both improved dramatically.

When most people think about improving their vision, they think about simply wanting to get rid of their glasses or contacts, but there are so many other benefits you’ll experience with improving your vision.

What’s in the Program



The program comes fully loaded, with everything you need to start. But if you’d like to get started immediately after you order, you’re given full access to the program in a downloadable format.

When you receive the program it comes with:

  • The full training guide, which contains the information about the eye exercises, as well as the training schedules.
  • All 5 charts you’ll use in the program, include the 3-Cups chart – for exercises that improve how your eyes work together.
  • An eye patch that’s used in a few exercises to improve the vision in each individual eye.
  • A string-bead, for another exercise that improves how your eyes work together.

You’ll also receive a few bonus items, including the Vision Defense software, which helps prevent vision loss when using the computer, and the entire course in also given in an audio format.

Who the Program is For

The Rebuild Your Vision program is targeted primarily at people who wear glasses, and is designed to help them easily improve their vision without any of the risks that come with eye surgery.

But there are a number of other people who can also benefit from this program:

  • Children: The exercises in the program are very easy and fun to do. Children in school especially need an extra boost when they’re learning to read and write. This program will help them become better readers and do better in school.
  • Athletes: On the sports field (doesn’t matter which sport) a tremendous amount of visual coordination is required. This program not only helps with peripheral vision, but also helps the eye adjust to quick changes in the environment  An athlete who exercises their eyes will have a clear advantage on the playing field over their opponents.
  • People who don’t wear glasses: As strange as it may seem, the best person to use this program is someone who doesn’t wear glasses. This program teaches you how to use your eye’s properly. Not only will you experience the benefits of vision improvement, you’ll virtually eliminate the risk of needing need to wear glasses for the rest of your life.

Regardless of your eyesight condition, this amazing program will do wonders for you. It’s dramatically changed your life, I’m I’m positive it will change yours.

You can pick up a copy of the program, by clicking this link,

The links to the Rebuild Your Vision Program on this page are affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you buy using them AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. I would not be recommending this program if I didn’t believe in it and think that it would change your life just like it did mine.

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