What Eye Doctors Miss…

In the 1960’s there was a doctor by the name of Herbert Benson.

Dr. Benson started making some interesting observations during routine checkups with is patients.

He noticed that when his patients measured their blood pressure at home, the test results were significantly lower than when he tested them in his office. He concluded that something was not being covered in conventional medicine.

This observation caused him to spend the next few years studying the effects emotions have on our bodies.

The idea that stress, or a strong emotional event (like a divorce or death of someone close,) can have an impact on a person’s physical well-being is a commonly accepted idea today. But this was not the case in the 1960’s.

Dr. Benson was a pioneer in bringing this idea into acceptance in the medical community.

Following his studies, it was universally accepted that ulcers, heart issues, high blood pressure, as well as a number of other diseases and disorders could be directly caused by emotional issues.

The Eyes Aren’t Isolated

Unfortunately, one area of medicine that still has not fully integrated Dr. Benson’s studies is the eye industry.

Conventional eye doctors still approach vision as if the eye was an isolated organ in our bodies.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Your entire visual system is connected throughout your brain and body.

For example, when you walk, you don’t look at the ground and watch where you’re putting each foot.

Long before you approached the place your currently walking, your visual system subconsciously identified the exact height and distance that spot was from you. Your brain then had all of the information it needed to tell your feet to take that step safely.

Each day your visual system works in harmony with your brain and the rest of your body to do many different things whether it’s writing, driving, or using the computer.

When the muscle of the eye gets tight or stressed, it didn’t happen out of the blue.

No one is born with a -5.0 prescription with astigmatism. Visual acuity problems are developed under stressful conditions that cause them to deteriorate. We can change those conditions to improve our vision as well.

Let me give the following case as an example:

Your leg has been hurting you every time you bend it while walking.

You go to the doctor who taps your leg, and holds it a certain way while asking, “Does it hurt when I do this?”

After a few minutes of doing this, he wraps your leg in a cast and says, “OK does it hurt now?”

Well you can’t move your leg, so you have to admit that it doesn’t hurt anymore.

“Perfect!” the doctor exclaims. “Just keep that cast on and everything will be fine.”

“How long do I need to keep it on?” you ask.

“For the rest of your life,” the doctor replies.

I think you’d look for a 2nd opinion.

What Conventional Eye Doctors Miss

Prescribing glasses is just like the story above.

It’s accepted knowledge that our bodies are designed to heal themselves, even from the most horrific wounds.

But when it comes to our eyes, no one thinks twice about being prescribed glasses for the rest of their life.

What eye doctors miss, is the connection our eyes have with the rest of our bodies.

When someone’s having minor back pain, they go to the chiropractor who adjusts them, and they walk out.

They aren’t told to wear a metal brace for the rest of their life.

The same thing with our eye doctors. They need to prescribe a healthy regimin of eye exercises so that our eyes can become strong again – not become dependent on a crutch.

Luckily you have me :) and I’ll happily share with you a few eye exercises you can start doing to strengthen and relax your eyes, and begin your journey to become glasses-free. (Click here to find them.)

Who will be the Dr. Benson of the eye industry?

I don’t know.

But I do know that there a number of wonderful people who are certainly leading the way and helping people escape the need to wear their glasses.

Click here and I’ll introduce them to you…

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