Announcing: The Launch of the Rebuild Your Vision Case Study

rebuild-your-visionOne of the main products I promote on the blog is the Rebuild Your Vision program. I’m a big advocate of this program mainly because it was the program that I used that yielded the most results wen it came to improving my vision.

But it was years ago that I actually used the program. I was still in college and my mom bought the program that I used for herself. I didn’t even use it on a consistent basis but over the course of 6 months my vision still improved dramatically.

I then reached point in my life that where I was undergoing some major transitions. I moved to another country, got married, launched a career, had a child and set up our home.

That was over the past 5 years.

Recent Events

When I started this website this past March I admit that I never intended for it to become a full fledged Vision Improvement website. I’d only intended to create a niche site about pinhole glasses (hence the URL name).

Shortly after launching the site, I realized that this was a great forum to teach and educate everything else that I’d learned about vision improvement. So I started writing posts about it and have gotten very positive feedback.

But as I started writing more and more on the subject, I realized that if I want to truly provide value to people and encourage them to take the action they need to take to achieve their vision goals, then I also needed to take massive action.

About a month ago I got the idea that I should order a fresh, new copy of the Rebuild Your Vision program and do a full blown case study on it. I would explain exactly what to expect from the program, and document my results as I went through it.

I figured that things in my life were starting to settle down and there was no reason why I couldn’t make rebuilding my vision my highest priority – and doing my best to help others do the same.

My goal is very clear: I want to show clear proof that this works. I don’t think there’s another place on the internet that goes into as much depth about rebuilding your vision as I’m planning on doing with this program – or any vision improvement program.

I want to silence the skeptics and I want to prove that this is possible.

Why I’ve Chosen Rebuild Your Vision

Why Rebuild Your Vision? There are dozens of other vision training programs out there, why this specific one?

I think one of the reasons I had so much success with the Rebuild Your Vision program in the past, was because of the way the program is structured. There are 8 core exercises and 3 vigorous training schedules that you choose from depending on what type of visual problem(s) you have.

Each schedule tells you which series of exercises to perform for each day over the course of 2 months, and it only takes 25 minutes a day to perform the exercises.

Other programs I’ve tried go into the philosophy of vision training, and then start throwing eye exercises at you and tell you to simply perform the exercises. There’s no guidance on how to use the exercises to achieve maximum results – and there’s certainly no guide tailored to your specific visual problems.

The Same As Any Exercise Program

In some ways, doing this program is the same as any other exercise program you’d do for the rest of your body.

Take yoga as an example. There are yoga clases that can stretch on for 1-2 hours. For a busy professional (or parent), there’s no way you can fit that kind of time in everyday.

However, Power Yoga was designed for busy people. It includes all of the core ranges of motion you need to perform in a practice, as well as strength, flexability, and relaxation poses. And the practices take 25 minutes so that they’re easier to fit into your day.

The schedules in the Rebuild Your Vision program, allow you to get the full range of motion, exercise, and relaxation your eyes need in only 25 minutes a day.

The program is designed that, by the end of 2 months, you’ll notice a significant difference in your vision if you follow the schedule, as well as the steps you take following the schedule to live the rest of your life with clear vision.

This makes sense. If you start an exercise program and keep with it every day for 2 months, you’ll also notice a dramatic difference in your body. It’s the same with our eyes – one of the most sophisticated muscles in our bodies.

Getting the Rebuild Your Vision Program

I went online and bought the program yesterday. Because I live internationally it can take up to 2 weeks for it to actually come to my door (it takes 3-5 days in the US), but the entire program is available in download form immediately after you purchase so you can get started right away. (Check out this page to see what comes in the program.)

To be as accurate as possible, I also visited the eye doctor today to receive a baseline vision test so that I can track my improvements as I go through the program.

I’ll go into detail about by visit in the next post (including the picture of my prescription), but my current numbers are:

R: -05.00 with astigmatism of .50 CYL and a 110 axis

L: -05.25 with astigmatism of .25 and a 110 axis

This gives me approximately 20/400 vision (special thanks to Rebecca from Improve Vision Naturally for her handy Diopters to 20/20 measurement chart)

It’s a high prescription, I know, but that will only prove more how it doesn’t matter what your prescription is, you can still improve your vision.

My schedule for the program and posting will be as follows: I’m a morning person, so my plan is to get up early and do the exercises. In addition to the fact that I’m usually up anyways, the earlier part of the day is actually the best time for exercising your eyes – when they’re fresh.

I’ll generally post 1-2 times a week so that you can keep track of my progress.

Until next time, cheers!

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  1. Anthea says:

    Hey there, I’m also doing the same program. Congratulations on settling down and getting stuck into doing the eye exercises. So good to see n hear I’m not the only one who has kids and is on the road to improving their vision. :)

    • Gavin says:

      Hey Anthea, thanks for the comment. Yes, I’ll admit it’s not easy to find time for eye exercises, but the benefits are so worthwhile. How long have you been doing the program?

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