Vision Improvement Case Study #7: The Truth About Vision Improvement

I’m now more than halfway through the Rebuild Your Vision Program. I had a number of insights this week into vision improvement, but I’ll get to that in a moment…

The first thing I want to mention, that I’m really excited about, is the new site redesign. I’ve upgraded to a new theme from StudioPress which is supposed to be much better for SEO and user functionality. Below are screenshots of the before and after:



What do you think? I feel it’s a big improvement.

I’m also in the process of rebranding the site. Originally, my intention with this site was to focus exclusively on pinhole glasses. Eye exercises were only a secondary part of the blog.

I know want to turn this site into a resource for everything related to vision improvement. Hence this site is going to become Natural Vision HQ (headquarters) and cover all topics related to vision improvement.

Alright, enough of the boring technical stuff, on to this week’s vision improvement results!

The Truth About Vision Improvement

I had a realization this week. I’m halfway through the Rebuild Your Vision Program and while I’ve certainly noticed an improvement in my vision, I don’t think I’ll be able to get rid of my glasses in a month when I finish the program.

Not that I originally thought I would, but it was in the back of my mind. I was hopeful that I’d be able to accomplish this and be able to show it on the blog.

That being said, this program has definitely not been a waste. I’ve noticed a number of other things that have improved, many of which I hadn’t even thought of before starting the program.

Eyesight Improvement

While I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of my glasses in the next month, I have definitely noticed a significant improvement in my eyesight and I think I’ll be given a reduced prescription when I go to the eye doctor next month. That itself is a significant achievement, especially when you consider that most conventional eye doctors say that improving your vision is impossible.

Stronger Eyes

I’ve also found that even with my glasses on I’m seeing better than before. I’m reading faster and with better comprehension and I’m able to see details that I would have missed before.

This is especially helpful considering that I was just promoted into a different role in my job.

I used to be the company writer, now I’m in charge of all packaging design. I work with the graphic designer and industrial designer to create our products and their packaging. Trust me, there’s a lot of detail that goes into it and I’m sure my vision training has helped me significantly in this role.

Seeing Colors More Vibrantly

A few months ago I wrote and article about why our eyes see color and it’s role in survival. I’ve definitely noticed a change in my perception of color. My entire experience with the world is now so much richer and enjoyable because of it – especially my experience with food.

Less Eye Fatigue

Working in high tech puts a lot of strain on your body – especially your eyes. In the past month I’ve found that my eyes have become significantly stronger, and don’t tire throughout the day.

This is counter-intuitive especially during this time of year when we spend most of our time indoors, seeing less sunlight. Yet my visual energy has actually gone up!

Vision Improvement Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Getting Rid of Your Glasses

While the eventual goal is to eliminate wearing your glasses, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from vision improvement right now.

Like I just mentioned, you’ll find that tasks like reading are easier and more efficient to do. You’ll also become a better, more alert driver and sports players will find they have improved hand-eye coordination giving them an advantage on the playing field.

I Started Reaching Out This Week

Now that I’ve started seeing a measurable change in my vision, I decided this week to start reaching out to other bloggers in the health and wellness niche to see if what I’m doing would be of interest to their audience.

I’ve had a few favorable responses, so it’s possible you might start seeing my name some other places shortly.

That being said, if you know of another blog I’d really appreciate in getting my story out there. You can simply send them an email recommending they promote my site.

You can also share the site on Facebook or Twitter. I have a sidebar on the left of this page that should make it easy to share.

That’s all for this week. I’ll post again next week with all of the other exciting thing happening to my vision. Until then, have a great week!

Vision Improvement Case Study #6: Week 4 Wrap-up – The Word is “Relaxation”

You can read last week’s wrap-up here.

I’ve just finished the exercises to wrap up my 4th week of doing the Rebuild Your Vision program. The highlights of my vision improvement so far have been:

  • Being able to move down 4 rows on the eye chart (that includes the E’s that I made), with both eyes individually. I’m also now able to move down to the 5th row with both eyes together
  • Dropping an entire diopter in my glasses prescription. Like I wrote about last time, when I first started the program I had my eyes checked. They measured my prescription at the time as -5.25/-5. I’d been wearing -4.75/-4.25 and about 2 weeks into the program I found that prescription to be too strong. So I started wearing my old glasses which are currently -4.25/-4 – and entire diopter lower then I was prescribed!

Relaxation is Very Important

One of the core things that you’ll find in any eye exercise program is that it stresses a number of relaxation techniques. These are techniques that usually follow a strenuous exercise as well as a longer relaxation period at the end of each session.

I’ve found these relaxation techniques to be extremely helpful. So much so that if I skip one while I’m in the middle of the routine my eyes won’t perform the same way with the next exercise. Doing them helps to rejuvenate your eyes.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the importance of deep breathing. If I’m in the middle of an exercise and something is just out of focus, if I breath consciously the item begins to come into focus.

You can actually try this right now. Look at a word on a page and move it so that the word just out of focus. Continue looking at it and breath deeply, imagining that all of the air you’re inhaling is flowing into your eyes and relaxing them.

You’ll find that as you do this, the image will come more and more into focus.

Strategies for Relaxing Your Eyes at Work

This might also be a separate blog post at some point, but I’ll share here what I’ve been doing to relax my eyes at work.

One trait that I have is that when I’m doing a particular task I get extremely focused – so much so that I could sit down for 6 hours straight and not even realize that the time’s gone by.

But a weakness I have is that if I get interrupted – particularly constantly – it can be hard for me to jump back into the project.

This makes it almost impossible for me to follow the 10-10-10 rule while still being productive.

The realization I had is that its much better to relax your eyes once every 2-3 hours instead of not resting them at all. I’ve been taking 5 minutes (yes, 5 full minutes) after I complete a task to just palm and breath deeply.

What I’ve found is not only does this relax my eyes, but it completely rejuvenates me, giving me more energy for the next task that I have

Now I happen to work in a cubicle in my office and I have my own office at home so I’m able to pull this off. If you’re not able to find a quite place to palm, my suggestion is (and I’m being completely serious about this) go to the bathroom and palm there. You’ll get complete privacy and it’s only 5 minutes so no one will notice if you’ve disappeared.


I begin the new week of eye exercises tomorrow and as usual I’ll post in about a week to give you the weekly update on my progress.

In the meantime, have a great week!

Vision Improvement Case Study #5: Week 3 Wrap-up – My Vision is Improving!

Check out last week’s Wrap-up Here

Once again, here’s the weekly wrap-up of my week with the Rebuild Your Vision program. I’ve reached the end of week #3 and there are definitely some significant improvements happening to my vision.

I posted last week that I’ve started wearing glasses that are a full diopter weaker then what I was prescribed 3 weeks ago when I went to the eye doctor.

When I first started wearing this weaker prescription last week I thought I would still need my stronger pair at certain points throughout my day. However, I managed to go an entire week wearing the weaker pair and didn’t once feel like I needed the stronger pair. That includes a week at work where I had to give a presentation to a group of 30 people!

In addition to wearing the weaker prescription, I’ve also noticed that I haven’t been feeling any eye strain or tiredness since I wrote about it in the first week of the program.

Like I said then, just like exercising any muscle, you’ll fell tired and worn out the first few days after you begin exercising it. But after that initial feeling of tiredness the muscle wil feel stronger than its ever felt before.

That’s exactly what I’ve been feeling – like my eyes are strong. I’m able to go a full day at work without feeling eyestrain – and this is even without me having a strategy for resting my eyes at work (something I still need to work on :-)).

More Measurable Improvements to My Vision

Besides for the feeling of strength in my vision, I’ve noticed some measurable improvement with my eyesight as well. The Rebuild Your Vision Program has a great exercise, called the In-Out exercise, that requires an eye chart to perform it. As I’ve been doing the exercise, I’ve been steadily moving down the chart. This has given me a great way to track my vision improvement.

The first week I was using the program, I couldn’t see the top row of the chart at all and needed to print off 2 larger, different sized “E”‘s to place above the chart. By the time I got the end of week #2, I was able to eliminate those “E”‘s and only use the E on the chart.

This week I still used the top “E” on the chart when I did the exercise with each individual eye, but when I removed the eye patch and used both of my eyes together, I was able to move to the 2nd line on the chart! (the “Z’ “P” line) I think by the end of next week I might be able to get to the 3rd line.

Once again, this is measurable proof that these eye exercises are working and I’m really excited to see what results I have the next time I go to the eye doctor.

My Mistake

OK, one of the posts I’d planned for this week was going to be entitled “How to Get Up Early to Do Eye Exercises.” But I overslept 2 days in a row which meant that I wasn’t able to write the post or get my eye exercises done. Talk about a double-whammy!

So, does taking 2 days off ruin any of the previous improvements I’ve seen with my eyes?

I don’t think so. When I jumped back in to the program I still noticed the improvement in my vision and there didn’t seem to be any relapse. That being said the program does give leeway for missing days, so you can simply pick up on the day you left off at and continue.

It’s not recommended that you do this consistently, but we all have hectic, crazy lives and sometimes things just come up. Don’t worry, you can still improve your vision even with gaps in the exercise sessions.

Wrap-Up of Week #3 and a Request

So that’s the wrap-up for week #3. I hope that my results will inspire you to take some action to start improving your own vision.

That being said, if you have any questions, please ask them. I’m more than happy to answer. Also if there’s a specific topic you’d like me to write about, let me know by leaving a comment in comments box below.

Until next time!

Vision Improvement Case Study #4: Week 2 Wrapup

Well I’m hitting the end of week #2 of the Rebuild Your Vision Program, and the only thing I can say is that I feel great.

It’s not just that I’m noticing a difference in my eyes, I’m feeling great overall. This usually happens when you set a goal that could be potentially life changing, and I’d have to say, retraining your eyes to see clearly is probably one of the best goals anyone who wears glasses can do for themselves.

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Vision Improvement Case Study #3: Week 1 Wrapup

I’m now one week, plus 2 days into the Rebuild Your Vision program. I’m sure the one thing you want to hear is “Have I seen a change in my vision?”

Yes. I have.

But it hasn’t been anything radical. I didn’t wakeup one morning and put my glasses on to find that I had 20/20 vision (like that scene in Spider-man).

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Vision Improvement Case Study #2: First Two Days With the Program and Already Starting to See a Change

Yesterday was the first day of my journey through the Rebuild Your Vision program. I’ve now gone through 2 days worth and I’m already starting to see some improvements and changes.

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Vision Improvement Case Study #1: Visiting the Eye Doctor

As I announced the other day, I’m planning on doing a case study, here on the blog, of my progress through the Rebuild Your Vision program.

I wanted to have my eye’s checked by an eye doctor at the beginning of this process for 2 reasons:

1. I wanted to have my eyes measured so that I can track my process as I work through the program, and

2. I wanted to have proof of what I’m doing. It would be very easy for someone to do what I’m doing and fake the results. I wanted to have a paper trail, and something that can be tracked so that any visitor in the future who finds these posts will have proof of what I’ve done, and be inspired to take action themselves.

This also holds me accountable to give an honest and fair overview of the program as I report my results. [Read more…]

Announcing: The Launch of the Rebuild Your Vision Case Study

rebuild-your-visionOne of the main products I promote on the blog is the Rebuild Your Vision program. I’m a big advocate of this program mainly because it was the program that I used that yielded the most results wen it came to improving my vision.

But it was years ago that I actually used the program. I was still in college and my mom bought the program that I used for herself. I didn’t even use it on a consistent basis but over the course of 6 months my vision still improved dramatically.

I then reached point in my life that where I was undergoing some major transitions. I moved to another country, got married, launched a career, had a child and set up our home.

That was over the past 5 years. [Read more…]