EFT for Eyesight (Tapping Script)


Like I mentioned last week, different people will have different experiences when they do vision exercises and use pinhole glasses.

Some will almost immediately see an improvement in their vision, while other won’t.

The ones that don’t can, feel frustrated by their lack of progress.

But, like I said last week, the reason that people don’t see an improvement is because the reason they needed glasses in the first place was never addressed.

If someone was going through a difficult time in grade school and was prescribed glasses, and then the situation passed, there’s a good chance that person’s vision will improve if they start doing eye exercises as an adult.

If however, for whatever reason, the issue was not resolved, then they will have a more difficult time seeing improvements.

That means that the stress is still somewhere in their body, and their vision will not improve until they find out how to release that stress.

Luckily it’s not so difficult to release that stress.

There’s a new therapy that’s started to gain some massive attention, and it’s called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

This therapy is extremely effective and easy to apply. It works by talking through whatever issues you might be having (pain, needing more money, or improving vision) while tapping certain points on your body.

The video below explains how to tap, (and the topic it covers by itself may help you release whatever tension you might have). Watch it, and below I’ll have a specific script for Tapping for Eyesight:

Tapping for Eyesight EFT Script

OK so here’s a script that you can use for your own eyesight, just tap along like Brad did in the video. It doesn’t matter which point you tap on for each line.

This tension I’m feeling

This tension I’m feeling in my eyes

This tension that I have in my body, that’s causing my weak vision

This tension no longer needs to be here

Because I truly love and accept myself

Whatever reason my body wants to hold onto this tension

It’s OK

Because the danger has passed

My body no longer needs to hold on to this tension

My body is releasing this tension now

It’s releasing this tension that I have in my body

Because it no longer needs to be here

My vision, which has weakened because of this tension

Can now become strong

My eyes allow me to see the things that I want to see

Without needing glasses

It allows me to be the person I want to be

I don’t need to hide behind glasses anymore

I’m free of my glasses

And I now see even better than when I had my glasses!

I can see colors more vibrantly

I can read more easily

I can make out details that I never noticed before

Because I’m giving my eyes permission to do that

I’m giving my eyes permission to let go of all the tension that’s in them

And I’m allowing it to restore itself to its natural, healthy state.

My life is amazing

I’m amazing

I love living my life with rich, vibrant, clear vision


That’s pretty much all that you need to do. Do that 2 or 3 times a day and you’ll notice that you’ll start to feel better about yourself. Also start wearing your glasses less, when you’re able.

You’ll see how doing this can bring fast results in your quest for natural vision.

Good luck!

EFT is an unbelievable way to help release any deep rooted emotions which may be holding you back from whatever you want in life, whether in be in finances, weight or eyesight. For more information about EFT and tapping, check out The Tapping Solution Blog

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