EFT for Eyesight

eft-for-visionI’ve talked a few times about how negative emotions can cause our vision to deteriorate. How an early stress, or fear, can cause the muscles in our eyes to “lock up”.

When this happens we typically go to an eye doctor who prescribes lenses for us.

The problem is that these lenses don’t allow our eyes to relax and heal – even if the stress that caused them is no longer there.

When it comes to natural vision improvement, different people will have different results. Whether they’re using pinhole glasses or eye exercises, some people will notice immediate results, and others will seem to struggle before they see any type of result.

This can be very frustrating, but the question is, why do some see immediate improvements to their vision and others hardly seem to seen any – even if their doing the same exercises?

The reason is that the people who have trouble improving their vision are still holding on to the pain and stress that caused their eyesight to weaken in the first place.

When we experience fear or stress, we feel tense. When your boss sends you an email that upsets you, you immediately activate your primal “fight or flight” response, which causes you to tense up.

If you don’t do anything to relieve the stress, that stress will manifest itself in your body – and it could stay there for the rest of your life if it’s never released!

But don’t worry, releasing this tension is not hard, in fact it’s very easy. You can lift any emotions that are stuck relatively quickly and continue your journey to healthy vision.

But before I explain the technique, I’ll tell a story that happened to my wife last week.

Releasing Negative Emotions

As you might now, we were inspired by the film “Hungry for a Change,” to start juicing, detoxing and becoming healthier.

One of the results of detoxifying is that all of the toxicity that’s in your body will start to surface as it leaves your body. People can experience skin conditions, such as pimples and rashes, unnatural sweating, and even fever while they’re detoxifying.

Typically there’s nothing to worry about, and it will rarely last longer than 2 days, but it’s something that must be done to get the toxins out of your system.

Another effect of detoxing will also be the surfacing of some of the emotions that are stored in your body.

My wife had a pain in her finger for a very long time, and the doctors couldn’t identify anything wrong with it. One day last week it was feeling particularly painful so she started massaging it.

After a few minutes an intense wave of sadness washed over her. She didn’t know what’s it’s source was, but it was pretty clear it was being caused by her massaging.

She continued massaging until the feeling passed. Since that time she hasn’t felt any pain in her finger at all.

EFT for Vision

There are a number of ways that you can also release emotional tension in your body.

One way that’s increasing in popularity is a method called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques.) EFT is any easy way to release any emotions or limiting beliefs that you might have, allowing you to break through any issues and achieve whatever goal that you’ve been having a hard time reaching.

Let’s say for your vision. If your weak vision is being caused by an emotional tension that you have in your body, than you’ll use EFT to release the tension.

I’m not going to go into exactly how EFT works (that’s for a different post). But the first step is understanding why it works, and what exactly happens when you do it.

The next post will cover that. In the meantime keep your hopes up! As long as you keep your mind focused on something it will happen! You can make whatever change in your life that want as long as you STAY focused!



EFT is an unbelievable way to help release any deep rooted emotions which may be holding you back from whatever you want in life, whether in be in finances, weight or eyesight. For more information about EFT and tapping, check out The Tapping Solution Blog.

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