Nutrition for Your Eyes

We’ve all heard that carrots are good for your eyes, right? But it’s specifically the nutrients that are in carrots that make them so good, specifically beta carotene.

But beta carotene isn’t only in carrots it’s also in lemons, oranges, spinach, watercress, raspberries, papaya and more. The trick is to find a way of getting this eye-vitamin into your system, in a way that’s easy, delicious and that you’ll actually do it.

Juicing for the Eyes

I’m a big fan of juicing. Juicing is one of the easiest ways to get all of the vitamins and minerals into your system in an easy to digest way.

Juicing fruits and vegetables can actually be better for you than eating them. Studies have shown that your body actually absorbs the juice into your blood more efficiently, than if it needs to extract the juice from the pulp first in your digestive system.

Not only do these juices tasted delicious, you’re giving yourself an enormous nutrition boost that will bring tremendous benefits to your health – including giving your eyes everything they need to be healthy.

Why Not Just Eat It?

Nowadays it’s much easier to get processed food than raw fruits and veggies. But raw fruits and vegetables should really make up at least 60% of your diet.

So why not just eat those fruits and veggies?

Because we don’t! We don’t eat them!

But nutrition-for-eyesjuicing gives a great way to cheat this.

By packing a ton of fruits and vegetables into one juice, you’re body gets an extreme boost of nutrition, and it shouldn’t be long before you begin to notice the benefits.

You’ll notice that within 2 weeks or less, you’ll start to feel calmer, and more at peace with yourself. You’ll notice that you have a lot moe energy and you may even begin to lose weight.

You’ve now created an optimal environment to start doing eye exercises. Why? Because your eyes are no longer starving. They’re getting exactly what they need be healthy.

Once you start exercising them it won’t be very long until you start seeing improvement. And it will come unexpectedly. You’ll wake up one morning, roll over and notice that you’re able to clearly see the alarm clock. You’ll notice that you’re able to easily read what on the toothpaste bottle in the morning.

Releasing the Negative Emotions

Natural vision improvement is not an overnight process. It requires a lifestyle change and some work. Not hard work, but enough that might force you to step out of your comfort zone. But it will not only bring tremendous improvement to your vision, it will also boost your confidence, because you’re releasing the negative emotions that you have inside of you that’s causing all of this in the first place.

When my wife and I first started juicing, we both experienced sudden and severe emotional reactions that lasted about 3 days.

I remember being in the shower and all of the sudden feeling this wave of fear wash over me. It was a fear that I remember having has a child and figured I’d grown out of it.

The juicing was detoxifying my body and allowing these emotions to be released. Once they passed, they were gone, and I felt freer and like i had more confidence then I ever remember having in my adult life.

Since then my income has increased, my confidence in what I do has soared, I’ve lost a ton of weight and had the motivating to start exercising again. I’m now in the best shape I’ve ver been in, and I directly correlate it with the juicing and detoxing that I did.


So to wrap up, you’re here because you’re looking for a change.

In your gut you feel like the system is cheating you, that the fact that your eye doctor is assured additional income each year from eye exams and glasses purchases is just a coincidence.

Your body is the best doctor you’ve ever had. Give it what it needs (and in a way that highly enjoyable) and it will respond in kind.

(As a side note, if you’re still looking to get the nutrition without dealing with juicing there are a number of great supplements out there that have everything you need for your eyes. Click here to check them out.)

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