How Food and Emotional Trauma Effect Your Vision


For healthy eyes eat these

My wife and I recently finished watching the new film “Hungry for a Change.” The premise of the movie was breaking down a big stereotype that effects most people in America – that what’s in our food really does effect how our bodies behave.

The film talked mostly about obesity and why we put on weight. In a nutshell, every diet doesn’t work because it usually involves depriving ourselves of some vital food component that our bodies actually need (carbs, fat, etc.), and puts us into a mindset of lack. “I can’t have that.”

The film instead said that you shouldn’t worry about taking things out of your diet, but instead should focus on putting nutrient-rich foods back into your diet.

There were 2 particular points they made in the film that got me thinking about vision – specifically natural vision improvement.

1. Once you start giving your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs, your body will respond in kind. Your skin will clear, your eyes will turn white and sparkle, it will eliminate body odor – among a number of things.

2. People typically become overweight and unhealthy because of the sugar-loaded, toxic foods that they put into their body. Not because the food they eat has fat, or carbs, or whatever the fad diet is that stops you from eating what your body actually needs.

Why would I, a highly intelligent person, put these toxic foods into their body?

Ever heard of comfort foods?

People who are under stress will typically turn to food to fill the emotional void they have.

Remember when I talked about kids needing glasses in their early school years? That it was a result of the stress that they were under in this artificial, unhealthy environment?

Well your body is designed to be healthy – and that includes your vision.

I like to take a holistic approach to things, and my approach to poor eyesight is no different.

What if, instead of giving your body food lacking in nutrients, you gave it vitamin and nutrient-rich natural food?

Natural food. Natural vision.

Stop the Toxins from Attacking Your Body

One of the great points they made int he film was when they talked about what happens in your body when you gain – and then try to lose weight.

Believe it or not it’s not actual fat that’s bad. Some fats – like natural fats from plants and animals – are actually really good for you and you need them.

The main fat-producing ingredient is sugar.

When you eat refined sugar (or corn syrup and other sweeteners), your body receives a jolt of energy.

To keep your sugar levels from shooting sky-high (and ultimately killing you) your body produces insulin and fat to store the access energy.

My body’s not doing this because it hates me and wants me to feel bad because I’m overweight. It’s doing this as a safety mechanism. Not only does it produce insulin to keep my body from going into sugar-shock, it turns this extra energy into fat to save for a perceived famine. A famine that never actually comes.

Think about it, when you’re under stress do you reach for a cookie or a piece of cake to make you feel better?

The sad thing is that this does anything but make you feel better. What the bodies actually saying it:

“OK, we’re under attack (from whatever issue is – nasty boss, abusive parent/spouse etc.) and we’re feeling stressed. Let’s put on pounds (future energy) in case we encounter a famine (AK lack of food because we lost our job, support etc.)”

It’s the same thing with our eyes.

If we’re under some type of stress – say we have/had abusive parents – than the body will do whatever it can to protect us from the perceived harm.

If we’re small children, we can’t protect ourselves from an abusive parent, or a bully at school. If we’re older, we can’t break away from a dispiriting job, or a horrible partner.

So what does our body do? It “pushes” away these perceived “attacks,” by allowing us to not “see” them anymore.

(Dr. Jacob Liberman goes into length about this in his book Take Off Your Glasses and See.)

So what’s the first step to helping improve your vision?

Pinhole glasses help strengthen your eye muscles, but to help accelerate your natural vision improvement, think long and hard about the time you first started wearing glasses. If you had any type of emotional trauma, try to work through the issue.

Weak vision is not an isolated incident. There is a reason your body did this and it’s not because it wants you to be miserable.

It may take some time, but it is vital to helping you restore your vision.

Second, watch what you eat. Your body will react to what you give it. Make sure you’re giving it nutrient rich foods. These promote healthy eyes and overall health.

I don’t want to cover up the symptoms of the problem. I want to fix the problem!



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