3 Things You Can Start Doing Right Now to Improve Your Vision and Your Health

I’m a great believer of action.

All to often when we decide that we want to accomplish something we start doing 2 things:

1. We start reading and doing research like crazy about whatever it is that we want to do.

2. We start talking endlessly about what we intend to do.

There one thing missing from this list. Actually doing whatever it is we want to do!

Has this ever happened to you regarding natural vision improvement?

I know it did to me.

I read a great book by Jacob Liberman called “Take Off Your Glasses and See” and I didn’t start doing anything the book suggested for a number of years after I read it.

After I picked up the book for a 2nd time a few years later I finally wrote down a schedule and set some goals.

Within 6 months I had improved my vision, and my doctor gave me a lower prescription.

So I know how hard it can be to take action. That’s why I wanted to lay out a few easy tips that you can start doing right now to start your goal of improving your vision (and your overall health and wellbeing):

  1. Breathe: It’s something we need to do to survive, but most of us just don’t do it enough – or as deeply as we should. There’s a reason why people say to breathe when you’re feeling stressed. Because breathing relaxes you. It brings much needed oxygen to all of the muscles and fibers of your body.
    When we’re feeling stressed we actually tense up and we don’t breathe as deeply as we should.  Consciously breathing deeply will relax not only your eyes, but your entire body as well.
  2. Drink Water: 8 glasses a day right? We’ve all heard that mantra of how much water you’re supposed to drink daily. But according to hydration experts most people need much more than that.
    Think about it, does it make sens that a petite woman weighing 120 pounds should drink the same amount as a guy who’s 200 pounds? The proper way to measure how much you need to drink daily is to drink you’re body weight in ounces divided by 2. So if you weigh 200 pounds, you’d drink 100 ounces of water a day (more during the summertime and if you live in a hot, dry climate).
    That’s of course much more than the mantra of 64 ounces a day, but it’s the correct way to stay hydrated.
    Proper hydration brings a number of benefits including weight loss, more energy, it helps the body eliminate toxins – making you less likely to get sick. It also helps your bloodstream bring all of the nutrients to every area of your body – including to your eyes. And this brings me to my 3rd and final point…
  3. Getting the Right Nutrition: Eat your fruits and vegetables, right? Yes, but exactly how much? The United States is the fattest country in the world. Trust me they didn’t get that way because everyone only ate fruits and vegetables! They got that way because of overeating toxic, nutrient-deficient food.
    I don’t think anyone will tell me I’m wrong if I say that fruits and vegetables are good for you. The question is how do I get all of the fruits and veggies I need to get all of the nutrients I need and not feel deprived?
    I’ll be the first to admit that I hate eating carrots, I hate their texture . But carrots are rich in beta carotane, a vital nutrient for healthy eyes. And I should really eat 4 or 5 of them to get the daily amount of it I need.
    So how do I do it? Juicing.
    Juicing is not only fun, but freshly extracted juices are exploding with live vitamins and nutrients – the exact type that your body craves. And the concoctions you can create are  – and I’m not joking on this – something out of the Garden of Eden.
    Freshly extracted juice is rich, creamy , and nutritious, and it satisfies you. It’s a great way to “reset your system” and giving your eyes the vital nutrients it craves is a giant leap in the quest for better vision.

So those are my tips. Use ’em wisely. And like I said in the last post, the most important think is persistence. If you set a goal you will achieve it, and this goes for everything in life, including natural vision improvement.

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