An Eye Exercise to Strengthen your Peripheral Vision

Our visual systems are highly complex and involve much more than what our eye doctors test in our eye exams.

One area of vision that can actually be damaged by wearing glasses is our peripheral vision. Because glasses are designed to focus only on what’s right in front of us it actually trains our eyes to see this way.

This results, over time, in our eyes learning not to use our perhipheral vision, which causes it to become weak.

But don’t worry, because unlike what most eye doctors would have you believe, you are able to fix any issues you might have with your vision – and that includes your peripheral vision.

Eye Exercise for Stimulating Peripheral Vision

This exercise is actually extremely easy to do, and can be done anywhere, but we’re going to focus on the biggest culprit that effects our vision – working at the computer.

While sitting at the computer wave your hands to the sides of your head so that you can see both hands with your peripheral vision. Continue looking at that screen and even continue reading what you were reading, but while you do that, wave your hands and try to see everything. Try to focus on seeing everything in your visual system. You can even try reading something, while paying attention to your moving hands.

Doing this stimulates your entire visual system, and begins retraining it to start using your complete visual field again.

This is a great exercise if you have a range of vision impairments, including near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, and tunnel vision.

Expanding your field of vision comes with a host of benefits, including, relaxed eyes, better reading comprehension and seeing more vivid colors. It will also help with activities your perform throughout your day including driving and sports.

So the next time your feeling stressed at the computer, this is a great way to exercise your eyes and strengthen your vision!

What are some of the eye exercises you do on a regular basis?

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