Why We See Color and How to See Colors More Vibrantly

One thing I notice when I take my pinhole glasses off is that as soon as I do so, my vision is not only sharper, but colors are more vibrant.

This got me thinking about colors in general. Why is it necessary to see in color?

Does color simply help us appreciate beautiful things? Or is there another, more primal reason?

I remember in the movie Hungry for Change, the Juice Master, Jason Vale said that we should eat fruits and vegetables that have a variety of colors.

I’ve been studying fruits and vegetables lately to learn about what vitamins they contain.

Besides for avocados, there isn’t a single fruit or vegetable out there that has all of the vitamins and minerals we need to survive.

I actually started noticing the colors of the different fruits and vegetables and found that while green leafy vegetables are incredibly important (not just for your eyes, but your entire body), so are things like beets, carrots, and oranges. And every single one of these fruits and veggies have something the others lack.

Seeing Color is For Survival

fruit-smoothieSo why is it important to see in color? Because otherwise our bodies wouldn’t see, or be attracted to, many of the things we need for proper nutrition.

I do find it interesting how in many ways (and even unbeknownst to marketing companies) that this system has been twisted to actually create a desire for things which aren’t so good for us.

In marketing, there’s an idea that you should put red or green in the places you want to attract people’s attention. We’re programmed to be drawn to these colors because instinctively it should lead us to a source of nutrition.

Green vegetables, peppers, apples, etc.

I know that my mouth waters at the sight of pizza, or a fully loaded burger. Even french fries. Look closely the next time you seen an advertisement for french fries. While the fries themselves don’t have an appealing color, the box they’re in, or somewhere else on the ad will have red.

So how do I know this? If you were to take the same advertisement for that pizza and made it black and white, it wouldn’t be nearly as appealing.

When you see the ad in color – specifically a color your’re naturally inclined to lean towards – you’re almost programmed to go after it. (Think Coca Cola – one of the worlds lead cancer-causing foods.)

There’s So Much More to Color

Color is not just about appreciating nice things. Our appreciation of colorful things has its very roots in our survival.

The problem is that these days no one even notices color anymore. We’re so focused on whatever it is that we’re going, it’s not even in our conscious.

So in addition to seeing colors more vibrantly with pinhole glasses,, you can also simply be consious and aware of the colors around you. Don’t just stop to smell the rose, look at it and appreciate it.

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