Can’t I just Get Eye Surgery? Why Bother With Pinhole Glasses or Eye Exercises?

Eye surgery seems to be the easy way to improve your vision. While it may be expensive, it seems like there’s nothing to it. I’ll pay a few thousand dollars, they’ll do some procedure and I’ll get up and never need to worry about glasses again!

I remember the first time I saw an ad for laser eye surgery. They showed a picture of a smiling woman and then touted the benefits of the surgery.

“It’s Easy!”

“Never worry about losing or breaking your glasses again!” Et cetera.

They spoke to the very core of anyone who wears glasses and said exactly what they want to here – that you want to stop wearing glasses and we have the best (only) way to accomplish this.

The Problem With Laser Eye Surgery

One of the things the ad did not go into detail about was what actually happens during this surgery.

In a nutshell, they slice open the front of your eye and then use a laser to reshape the eye’s cornea.

Following the procedure you can’t see for about 2 days, so they’re not even sure if the surgery was successful.

I don’t care how good the marketing is. I wouldn’t want anyone cutting into and beaming a laser into my eye.

But what about the results? You might be thinking that it’s OK to go through this discomfort for a few days if it brings me the clear vision I’ve been searching for.

Well hold your horses, because the marketing of this surgery is quite deceiving. While many people who walk away from this surgery have clear vision, there can be a number of scary outcomes. The first could be if the surgery goes wrong.

The lens of your eye could not heal right. Instead of a smooth surface on your eye, there’s a chronic bump. Ever gotten something in your eye? Well you’re going to be feeling that sensation for the rest of your life.

There’s also the damage that can actually come to your vision. A common ailment following eye surgery is intense sensitivity to light and the inability to drive at night. Not only that, but Morris Waxler, the guy in the FDA who originally approved the laser eye surgery devices, has started appealing to the current head of the FDA to ban these devices. They did not have a majority success rate, that the eye surgeons would have you believe.

They’re finding that they’re not as safe as originally thought. And more and more people are experiencing problems following the surgery.

Eye Surgery Doesn’t Solve the Real Problem

As we’ve said elsewhere, the reason we need glasses in the first place is due to a stress our body is experiencing, or has experienced.

The body’s reaction to whatever this stress was, is to create the symptoms of poor vision.

After a number of years wearing glasses, the eye’s muscles are as weak as ever. Instead of forcing the muscle into a certain position with glasses, the underlying reason for why the muscle is weak in the first place must be addressed.

If someone has a weak bicep, you’d tell him to lift weights, to exercise it. If there was a surgery that existed that made the muscle strong, what do you thing the long-term effects would be?

He may walk away from the surgery with a strong muscle, but if he continues his life of eating pizza and lounging on the couch, that muscle will go right back to where it was.

That’s something a lot of people are experiencing with laser eye surgery. Even if the surgery is successful and they walk away with the clear vision they wanted, many are finding that within 3 years they’re not only back to wearing glasses, but they’re vision is actually worse than before they had the surgery.

Fix the Real Problem

pinhole-glassesInstead of a quick fix, look for what will give you the long-term benefits that you really crave.

Pinhole glasses are a great way to instantly relieve tension in your eyes, allowing them to regain their strength.

You should also learn how to do eye exercises. Eye exercises are extremely easy to do, only take a few hours from your day, and will start improving your vision within only a few days after using them.

Think of them as a treadmill for your eyes. The more you exercise the muscles, the stronger they’ll be.

Good Luck!

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