Do Glasses Actually Make Your Vision Worse? Wear Pinhole Glasses Instead

earl-smith-monkey-glasses-studyIn 2010 Dr. Earl Smith of the University of Houston College of Optometry performed a study on monkeys to see if glasses actually caused refraction problems.

In laymans terms, he wanted to see if wearing glasses actually causes your vision to worsen.

A monkey’s visual system is almost identical to a humans, making them the perfect subject for such an experiement. [Read more…]

Can’t I just Get Eye Surgery? Why Bother With Pinhole Glasses or Eye Exercises?

Eye surgery seems to be the easy way to improve your vision. While it may be expensive, it seems like there’s nothing to it. I’ll pay a few thousand dollars, they’ll do some procedure and I’ll get up and never need to worry about glasses again!

I remember the first time I saw an ad for laser eye surgery. They showed a picture of a smiling woman and then touted the benefits of the surgery.

“It’s Easy!”

“Never worry about losing or breaking your glasses again!” Et cetera.

They spoke to the very core of anyone who wears glasses and said exactly what they want to here – that you want to stop wearing glasses and we have the best (only) way to accomplish this. [Read more…]

Can You Use Pinhole Glasses During a Solar Eclipse?

pinhole-glasses-eclipseThey’re preparing for a solar eclipse tomorrow in California and it got me thinking, can you view a solar eclipse while wearing pinhole glasses? Do they protect your eyes

No, they don’t. And you can’t. Sorry.

While pinhole glasses are a great way to improve your vision, and to use as sunglasses or reading glasses, they don’t give adequate protection from the sun. Therefore do not look directly at the sun with them.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is I’m going to share with you 2 ways that you can view a solar eclipse without risking any damage to your eyes. [Read more…]

Pinhole Glasses Scam | Vision Without Glasses Scam

The definition of a scam is when someone makes bogus claims, and convinces an audience to give them their money.

The history of scams have involved numerous schemes, plots and lies. And with the advent of the Internet it’s even easier to create a scam and reach an untold number of people worldwide.

So the question is, are pinhole glasses a scam? Is instant, natural vision without glasses as simple as putting on these devices?

Yes and no.

Yes, because as someone who has used these products to improve his vision, I can tell you that they do work.

No, because it does not work the way the pinhole glasses manufacturers would have you believe. [Read more…]

Do I need Pinhole Glasses If I Don’t Wear Glasses? – Benefits of Pinhole Glasses


What if this was all you needed to maintain healthy, natural vision?

Can I enjoy the benefits of Pinhole Glasses even if I don’t wear glasses?

That’s a great question.

Of course the people most aware of the benefits of pinhole glasses are people who currently wear glasses. When they put on a pair of pinholes, they enjoy:

  • Sharper vision the moment they put them on
  • Relaxed vision (they’re a great thing to wear after a long day at work)
  • Over time it might even help them reduce their prescription
  • They can look really cool!

[Read more…]

What the Optical Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Pinhole Glasses

blurry-image-glassesI was 12 when I got my first pair of glasses.

The doctor sat me in a chair, went through a series of “Which is clearer – 1 or 2?” questions.

Then he told my mom that I needed glasses. [Read more…]

What Are Pinhole Glasses?

pinhole-glassesPinhole glasses are a safe and easy way for you to improve your natural vision. When you put them on, you can immediately see more clearly and over time they strengthen your eye muscles allowing you to reduce your prescription and possibly even eliminate glasses altogether. [Read more…]