Do Eye Exercises Work? The Conspiracy Explained


Do programs like these really improve your vision?

I came across an interested article asking the question “Do eye exercises work?” Can you really improve your vision with “Improve Vision” programs?

The article continued to say that there is no scientific evidence to support eye exercises as a way to improve your eyesight, and that these programs are crooked and designed by good marketers who are after your money.

They claimed that eyesight cannot be improved. The reason people need glasses has to do with the shape of their eye. There is nothing one can do to prevent this, and once someone starts wearing glasses, they’re stuck with them for life. OK those are interesting points, but I want to add a few other questions:

  • It’s rather convenient, don’t you think, that when eye doctors prescribe someone glasses they now have a yearly customer for life?
  • Are eye exams truly an accurate way to measure vision? Do we normally walk around looking at things through tiny holes without peripheral vision in the dark – just like the conditions of an eye exam?
  • It’s rather odd that this “genetic” deformation of the eye has conveniently become an issue epidemic only within the last 60 years. I’ve mentioned the famous Eskimo Study before, and how it lead to some very interesting questions regarding the “genetics” of poor eyesight.

The Conspiracy Against Your Eyesight

Hate to say it, but there is a conspiracy against your eyesight.

Well, it’s not necessarily about you. It’s more about your money.

The eye doctors are not necessarily at fault. Most of them are honest people looking to make a living, and they are doing what they’ve been taught to do: use their methods to “measure” eyesight and then prescribe you glasses.

Eye doctors are instructed to prescribe glasses even to people who do not need them. The weakest prescription will lock your eyes into place, starting the cycle of weakening vision for the rest of your life.

If someone has 20/25 vision, they are prescribed glasses – even though you are stil legally able to drive with 20/40 vision! The person can even have 20/20 vision and because of the situation during the eye exam his vision weakens slightly and even he will be prescribed glasses.

Glasses lock the muscles of your eyes, don’t give them a chance to relax and over time, like any muscle that’s not exercised, will weaken. And every year you’ll go back to the eye doctor and he’ll prescribe a stronger and stronger prescription.

Do Eye Exercises Work?

Programs like the Rebuild Your Vision program teach you a series of eye exercises designed to relax and strengthen you eye muscles. I’ve used it and have seen a remarkable improvement in my eyesight that my eye doctor told me was impossible. But I’m walking poof that it is possible.

Eye Exercise Programs Make Sense

The exercises in these Improve Vision programs are not new ideas. Many of them have been practiced by yogis for thousands of years.

The same thing with pinhole glasses, which have been used since the 1500’s. But the longevity of these things are almost irrelevant. This conspiracy is driven by money. Let’s look and see where the best place to ut your money is:

  • The Cost of Glasses. Every year when you purchase a new pair of glasses they’ll run you anywhere between $200-$1000, depending on the frame you want to get. This is a yearly expense and you can’t really do anything with your old glasses.
  • The Cost of Pinhole Glasses. Pinhole glasses are extremely cheap to buy, running from about $40 to as low as $15. Even if you buy a few pairs it will still keep you well under what you’d pay for glasses – and you’ll never need to change their prescription.
  • The Cost of Eye Exercise Programs. These programs cost about the same as a pair of glasses, but not only do you never need to purchase it again, it might even prevent you from ever needing to buy another pair of glasses! These programs give you everything you need to know to improve your vision. They even offer a money-back guarantee or a free trial so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

So who are you going to believe, the eye doctor who prescribes glasses that only cure the symptoms of poor vision, or me?

I’ve been slowly improving my vision over the past 3 years and have almost cut my prescription in half using a combination of wearing pinhole glasses and doing eye exercises – and like I said above, my eye doctor can’t believe it.

I really want you to experience the same.

Right now until June 29th, you can get the Rebuild Your Vision Program for free for a month. If you don’t see improvements in your vision then you can return it for a full refund. You have nothing to lose.

Disclaimer: I do make a commission if you buy the program, but it’s something that I truly believe in and I know that it will make a tremendous, positive impact on your life. It’s worked for me and I know that it will work for you. Check out the Rebuild Your Vision Program Here!

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Improve Your Vision Naturally Without Glasses, Contacts, or Surgery! Click Here To Find Out More...