What Are Pinhole Glasses?

pinhole-glassesPinhole glasses are a safe and easy way for you to improve your natural vision. When you put them on, you can immediately see more clearly and over time they strengthen your eye muscles allowing you to reduce your prescription and possibly even eliminate glasses altogether.

The lens of pinhole glasses are simply pieces of hard plastic that are lined with pinhole sized holes. These holes allow light to enter directly into the retina of the eye. This reduces the circle of confusion allowing you to see more clearly.

It’s similar to when you squint to see something more clearly. By reducing the peripheral light that enters your eyes, they’re able to focus much more clearly on the object. Pinhole glasses do the same thing without putting any stress on your eye muscles.

How do pinhole glasses work?

what-pinhole-glasses-doPinhole glasses eliminate the peripheral light that enters your eye, which allows the eye to only receive the light that directly hits the retina. This relaxes your eye’s lens, allowing you to see clearly.

Pinhole glasses come in a variety of styles, and unlike regular glasses, each pair can be used by anyone. There are no prescriptions and you can allow any of your friends to experience the amazing relaxing effect they have.

Who Can Wear Pinhole Glasses?

Everyone can!

Traditional glasses bend the light that enters them so that when it hits the retina in your eye the image is clear. With pinhole glasses, the light that enters the eye lands directly on the retina, giving clear vision and eliminating the need for glasses.

You can use pinhole glasses when reading, watching TV or even as sunglasses when walking around outside.

In recent years manufactures have even started producing models that looks just like regular sunglasses. I’ve been using my pair since 2007 and not one person has ever commented on them. They all just thought they were regular sunglasses.

Pinhole glasses are also really cheap. They range in price from $40 all the way down to $5 depending on the frame style that you choose. That’s a stark difference to the $200-$800 you would pay for a pair of glasses. You’ll never need to replace pinhole glasses (unless you have small children in your home who “accidentally” break things:))

Each pinhole glasses model can be used by anyone and you won’t need to go back to the eye doctor every year for a new perspiration (actually you might, because pinhole glasses might actually help you lower your perspiration – or even help you get rid of your glasses altogether!)

Pinhole glasses are a great option for anyone who wants to improve their natural vision, and see more vibrantly and clearly. I know that they’ve certainly helped me.

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  1. James Reese says:

    Why am I jumping through hoops by first obtaining a book. Some, including me, have known about pin-hole vision for ever.

    Well, maybe you don’t sell the product and just what to help other companies sell theirs.


    • Gavin says:

      James, you have no obligation to download the book. This is a free giveaway to visitors of this site that gives them information on how to improve their vision. It has been very well received, but you do not need to download it to see the content of this site.

  2. James Reese says:

    I tried to but your website does not seem to work, Get an IT who understands send out and ans back. Do that or go broke. Course, I don’t expect this comment, my second, to be sent either.

    Good luck with your endeavor.


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