Do Glasses Actually Make Your Vision Worse? Wear Pinhole Glasses Instead

earl-smith-monkey-glasses-studyIn 2010 Dr. Earl Smith of the University of Houston College of Optometry performed a study on monkeys to see if glasses actually caused refraction problems.

In laymans terms, he wanted to see if wearing glasses actually causes your vision to worsen.

A monkey’s visual system is almost identical to a humans, making them the perfect subject for such an experiement.

His experiemeint basically went like this:

  1. Place different types of lens on a group of young monkeys. Lens included those for farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.
  2. After a few weeks measure the monkey’s eyesight and see if there was any difference.

The results were quite interesting. After a few weeks of wearing the lens the monkeys’ eyes actually adapted to the lenses they were wearing.

What this means is that glasses actually cause visual problems.

A Tip to Jump-Start Improving Your Vision

So what does that mean for you? You need your glasses to drive, use the computer, go shopping…

Well here is a paradigm that you can create that will help you start improving your eyesight almost immediately:

Start viewing your glasses as a tool instead of something you need to wear all of the time.

Because Dr. Smith’s study had a very interesting conclusion. Within a few weeks after the monkey’s stopped wearing the lens their eyesight improved to normal.

That’s the first step that you can take as well.

Removing your glasses.

Obviously not when you need them (like while driving), but if you’re walking around outside, or reading or doing another activity where you don’t need to wear glasses, then simply take them off.

You can also put on a pair of pinhole glasses during those times. They can act as sunglasses or reading glasses, and just by wearing them you’ll start to reverse any damage to your eyes that your glasses may have caused.

This one tip alone may be all it takes to start reversing visual problems and help you achieve a lifetime of clear, natural vision.

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