How Pinhole Glasses Improve Your Vision

If you don’t exercises a muscle for a long time, the muscle becomes weak. Your eyes are one of the most complex organs in your body with a number of muscles both around and inside of it.

Just like with the rest of your body, if you don’t exercises the muscles in your eyes, they will become weak, or “lazy.”

Once someone starts wearing glasses, the muscles in the eye stop “exercising”. Over time the eyes become weaker, and weaker, requiring the person to get stronger and stronger prescriptions to compensate for their weak eyes.

But the muscles in the eyes aren’t just weak, they’re also stressed.

How The Muscles in Your Eyes Get “Locked”

Glasses “lock” the muscles of the eye into one position. It’s like when you wake up in the morning with a sore, tight neck. Your neck feels tight because it was in one position for a long time while you were sleeping. After you get up and move around, the neck muscles loosen up and the stiffness goes away. But if you consistently spend a lot of time in one position, eventually the tight muscles remain tight. Think about how you feel after an 8 hour day at work sitting in one position. You eventually find yourself in a state of tightened stress that you can’t seem to get out of.

If after a few weeks of feeling tight you decide to join a yoga class and you start stretching and exercising those muscles, you’re body will become stronger and more flexible – and you’ll start to notice the difference almost right away.

When you wear glasses, the muscles in the eye become tight (and stressed). Over time the muscles get tighter and weaker, requiring a stronger prescription in order for you to see clearly.

Pinhole glasses allow the muscles in the eye to instantly and completely relax. Not only are the muscles relaxed, it actually strengthens the lens of the eye, by allowing it to return to it’s natural position.

Below is an illustration of what happens with someone who has healthy eyes sees an object.

When they’re looking at something far:


When they’re looking at something close:


Notice how the lens in the front of the eye moves depending on the distance of the object.

Now here’s what happens to someone who’s eye’s are strained and optometrists claim need glasses:


As you can see the lens remains in the near position and doesn’t relax. This causes the light that enters the eye to meet before it hits the retina and gives the person blurry vision. (Note that the light can overshoot the retina as well.)

It’s just like a camera lens that’s set to macro mode. When you look at something far the image will appear blurry.

When they put the glasses on here’s what the glasses do:

what-glasses-doThe glasses correct the refraction and the beams of light hit the retina like it’s supposed to, but the lens of the eye remains locked. The glasses literally act like a crutch and don’t solve the problem.

The lens remains in a state of stress, because it’s only meant to be in that position when it looking something close. When it’s looking at something far away it should be relaxed. What glasses do is put the lens into a state of stress, known in the industry as “near point stress.” This means the muscles never relax when wearing glasses!

The eye industry would have you believe that once someone needs glasses there is no cure – except expensive (and risky) laser eye surgery. If someone develops this “condition” they will forever be condemned to wearing glasses. The fact that the glasses industry is guaranteed another lifetime customer is just a coincidence.

But I’ve found another way.

You see what pinhole glasses do is this:


It completely relaxes the lens of the eye and allows you to see clearly what’s straight ahead of you.

It cuts out a lot of peripheral light allowing the eye to only see the light that’s straight ahead of it. The light then hits directly on the retina.

This allows anyone who uses them, regardless of their prescription to see clearly! It’s an absolutely amazing thing to see.

Who Can Wear Pinhole Glasses?


Pinhole glasses can be used by people who need glasses (regardless of their prescription) and people who don’t need glasses.

They’re a great way to not only relax your eyes, but to also improve your vision. Someone who needs glasses can use them to read, watch TV, or use around the house. Someone who doesn’t need them can use them as sunglasses – and keep their vision relaxed while walking around outside.

Feel free to check out some of the frames and styles that we recommend. Every model can be used by anyone, you just need to choose a frame style that matches your personality.

Good luck on your quest to healthy, natural vision!

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