Vision Improvement Case Study #4: Week 2 Wrapup

Well I’m hitting the end of week #2 of the Rebuild Your Vision Program, and the only thing I can say is that I feel great.

It’s not just that I’m noticing a difference in my eyes, I’m feeling great overall. This usually happens when you set a goal that could be potentially life changing, and I’d have to say, retraining your eyes to see clearly is probably one of the best goals anyone who wears glasses can do for themselves.

So what were some of the highlights of week 2?

The Program Arrived – And the Top ‘E”s Have Been Eliminated

When I ordered the program 2 weeks ago, I was immediately given instant access to the entire program in digital form. The allowed me to get started right away and not need to wait for the physical program to arrive. (I love the internet!)

But that wasn’t the most exciting part of the week. The most exciting part (which I mentioned I was approaching in the last post) was that I completely eliminated the 2 “E”‘s that I printed out to go above the eye chart! And not only that, I’m starting to toy with going to the 2nd line of the chart. This is a measurable improvement that shows that this program is working. I’m really excited about what’s to come!

I’m Now Wearing a Reduced Prescription

At some point on Tuesday I started noticing some tension around my eyes when I wore my glasses. Luckily I had a 2nd pair with a weaker prescription on hand, and I’ve been wearing those since.

Just to give you an idea of what this means, 2 weeks ago I went to the eye doctor and he prescribed me new lens of -5/-5.25. I was wearing lens that were -4.5/-4.75 and I’m now comfortably wearing lens that are -4/-4.25.

That’s almost a complete diopter decrease in less than 2 weeks!

Given that most people wear lens that are less than -3.00 they could virtually eliminate their need for glasses in the same amount of time. (Although different people will experience different results, so I can’t guarantee anything.)

But it’s not just that I’m wearing a weaker prescription, it’s also that I’m finding myself more comfortable not wearing my glasses. I still use them for things that I need (like working at the computer), but when I walk around outside and when I’m reading, I feel completely comfortable taking them off. If something comes along that I need my glasses for, I just put them back one.

I’m also feeling like my eyes are working together much better now. I remember how I used to take my glasses off and my eyes would have trouble focusing. When I would look at something I would rely on my strong eye (the right one). My vision would cross and I would only focus through that strong eye.

Now when I’m not wearing my glasses, my eyes are working together as a team. I’m positive that this is from the 3-cups and In-Out exercises in the program.

One thing that I know I still need to implement is a strategy for relaxing my eyes through out the work day. Although, I feel like I might not need to use my glasses to use the computer soon (particularly at work where I have a much bigger screen then my home laptop). This would solve that problem and give my eyes the chance to relax. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress.

Sunday starts Week #3! I’m really looking forward to giving my weekly wrapup next week and seeing what changes will take place by then.

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