Vision Improvement Case Study #5: Week 3 Wrap-up – My Vision is Improving!

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Once again, here’s the weekly wrap-up of my week with the Rebuild Your Vision program. I’ve reached the end of week #3 and there are definitely some significant improvements happening to my vision.

I posted last week that I’ve started wearing glasses that are a full diopter weaker then what I was prescribed 3 weeks ago when I went to the eye doctor.

When I first started wearing this weaker prescription last week I thought I would still need my stronger pair at certain points throughout my day. However, I managed to go an entire week wearing the weaker pair and didn’t once feel like I needed the stronger pair. That includes a week at work where I had to give a presentation to a group of 30 people!

In addition to wearing the weaker prescription, I’ve also noticed that I haven’t been feeling any eye strain or tiredness since I wrote about it in the first week of the program.

Like I said then, just like exercising any muscle, you’ll fell tired and worn out the first few days after you begin exercising it. But after that initial feeling of tiredness the muscle wil feel stronger than its ever felt before.

That’s exactly what I’ve been feeling – like my eyes are strong. I’m able to go a full day at work without feeling eyestrain – and this is even without me having a strategy for resting my eyes at work (something I still need to work on :-)).

More Measurable Improvements to My Vision

Besides for the feeling of strength in my vision, I’ve noticed some measurable improvement with my eyesight as well. The Rebuild Your Vision Program has a great exercise, called the In-Out exercise, that requires an eye chart to perform it. As I’ve been doing the exercise, I’ve been steadily moving down the chart. This has given me a great way to track my vision improvement.

The first week I was using the program, I couldn’t see the top row of the chart at all and needed to print off 2 larger, different sized “E”‘s to place above the chart. By the time I got the end of week #2, I was able to eliminate those “E”‘s and only use the E on the chart.

This week I still used the top “E” on the chart when I did the exercise with each individual eye, but when I removed the eye patch and used both of my eyes together, I was able to move to the 2nd line on the chart! (the “Z’ “P” line) I think by the end of next week I might be able to get to the 3rd line.

Once again, this is measurable proof that these eye exercises are working and I’m really excited to see what results I have the next time I go to the eye doctor.

My Mistake

OK, one of the posts I’d planned for this week was going to be entitled “How to Get Up Early to Do Eye Exercises.” But I overslept 2 days in a row which meant that I wasn’t able to write the post or get my eye exercises done. Talk about a double-whammy!

So, does taking 2 days off ruin any of the previous improvements I’ve seen with my eyes?

I don’t think so. When I jumped back in to the program I still noticed the improvement in my vision and there didn’t seem to be any relapse. That being said the program does give leeway for missing days, so you can simply pick up on the day you left off at and continue.

It’s not recommended that you do this consistently, but we all have hectic, crazy lives and sometimes things just come up. Don’t worry, you can still improve your vision even with gaps in the exercise sessions.

Wrap-Up of Week #3 and a Request

So that’s the wrap-up for week #3. I hope that my results will inspire you to take some action to start improving your own vision.

That being said, if you have any questions, please ask them. I’m more than happy to answer. Also if there’s a specific topic you’d like me to write about, let me know by leaving a comment in comments box below.

Until next time!

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