Vision Improvement Case Study #4: Week 2 Wrapup

Well I’m hitting the end of week #2 of the Rebuild Your Vision Program, and the only thing I can say is that I feel great.

It’s not just that I’m noticing a difference in my eyes, I’m feeling great overall. This usually happens when you set a goal that could be potentially life changing, and I’d have to say, retraining your eyes to see clearly is probably one of the best goals anyone who wears glasses can do for themselves.

So what were some of the highlights of week 2? [Read more…]

Vision Improvement Case Study #3: Week 1 Wrapup

I’m now one week, plus 2 days into the Rebuild Your Vision program. I’m sure the one thing you want to hear is “Have I seen a change in my vision?”

Yes. I have.

But it hasn’t been anything radical. I didn’t wakeup one morning and put my glasses on to find that I had 20/20 vision (like that scene in Spider-man).

But before I go into the changes I’ve noticed, let me wrap up my first week: [Read more…]

Vision Improvement Case Study #2: First Two Days With the Program and Already Starting to See a Change

Yesterday was the first day of my journey through the Rebuild Your Vision program. I’ve now gone through 2 days worth and I’m already starting to see some improvements and changes.

But before I jump into those details, I want to run through a few things you should know about this program as you jump into it: [Read more…]

Vision Improvement Case Study #1: Visiting the Eye Doctor

As I announced the other day, I’m planning on doing a case study, here on the blog, of my progress through the Rebuild Your Vision program.

I wanted to have my eye’s checked by an eye doctor at the beginning of this process for 2 reasons:

1. I wanted to have my eyes measured so that I can track my process as I work through the program, and

2. I wanted to have proof of what I’m doing. It would be very easy for someone to do what I’m doing and fake the results. I wanted to have a paper trail, and something that can be tracked so that any visitor in the future who finds these posts will have proof of what I’ve done, and be inspired to take action themselves.

This also holds me accountable to give an honest and fair overview of the program as I report my results. [Read more…]

Announcing: The Launch of the Rebuild Your Vision Case Study

rebuild-your-visionOne of the main products I promote on the blog is the Rebuild Your Vision program. I’m a big advocate of this program mainly because it was the program that I used that yielded the most results wen it came to improving my vision.

But it was years ago that I actually used the program. I was still in college and my mom bought the program that I used for herself. I didn’t even use it on a consistent basis but over the course of 6 months my vision still improved dramatically.

I then reached point in my life that where I was undergoing some major transitions. I moved to another country, got married, launched a career, had a child and set up our home.

That was over the past 5 years. [Read more…]

Protecting Your Kid’s Vision

As our world becomes more and more connected, we’re spending more and more time in front of phones, tablets and computer screens.

This is becoming a rising issue for parents who are increasingly concerned about the health of the their children’s vision.

Studies have shown that that children spend an average of 7 1/2 hours a day in front of some sort of screen from the age of 8 through 18.

And this isn’t all entertainment, a lot of this time is spent doing schoolwork.

An interesting statistic that highlights some of the results of this behavior is that in the last 30 years near-sightedness (myopia) has increased from 25% to 42% in the United States. It has been indicated that these rising numbers are directly connected to spending more time in front of screens. [Read more…]

An Eye Exercise to Strengthen your Peripheral Vision

Our visual systems are highly complex and involve much more than what our eye doctors test in our eye exams.

One area of vision that can actually be damaged by wearing glasses is our peripheral vision. Because glasses are designed to focus only on what’s right in front of us it actually trains our eyes to see this way.

This results, over time, in our eyes learning not to use our perhipheral vision, which causes it to become weak.

But don’t worry, because unlike what most eye doctors would have you believe, you are able to fix any issues you might have with your vision – and that includes your peripheral vision. [Read more…]

Study Shows that Playing Video Games Could Help Improve Your Vision

I’ve discussed many times before how our visual systems include more than just our physical eyes. Our brain needs to receive the image from our eyes and then has to make sense of it. It also relies on our other senses to give it a complete picture.

We know that eye exercises can help improve our vision, but one researcher has found evidence that playing certain video games can accomplish the same task. [Read more…]

Why This Blog Exists

This is a question every blogger has whenever they sit down to write a post – why am I doing this? Do I really think I’m going to help someone with what I’m doing?

I started this blog for one reason – because I’ve identified a serious issue that takes place in our medical system that must be addressed.

Your vision can improve, and you don’t need to wear glasses for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately the standard answer from eye doctors to the question “can I improve my vision naturally?” is: “poor vision is inherited,” “you eyeball is shaped irregularly, giving you poor vision. There’s nothing you can do to change or prevent it.” [Read more…]

Can Astigmatism Be Cured?

Astigmatism is a condition where the lens or cornea of your eye is slightly misshaped and when light enters, it meets either above or below the retina.


What Causes Astigmatism?

Astigmatism can be caused by a number of things including the normal culprits of irregular vision, such as: