How Do You Improve Your Eyesight?

How-Do-You-Improve-Your-eyesightA shocking 75% of America’s population uses some type of vision correction like glasses or contacts.

That’s a pretty shocking statistic isn’t? How is it possible that our eyes can deteriorate like this, and on such a massive scale?

Human beings haven’t needed glasses historically. Cavemen didn’t wear glasses, most historical figures did not wear glasses (Benjamin Franklin aside). So how is it that so many of us now need to wear glasses?Shouldn’t our bodies be able to function without the need of a crutch?

And the bigger question, how can we reverse the trend and improve our eyesight?

Why Our Vision Deteriorates in the First Place

To understand how to improve your eyesight, you must first understand why it deteriorates in the first place. Our eyes are one of the most sophisticated organs in our bodies, and they function through the harmonious workings of many different muscles that all work together to give the amazing gift we call vision.

But like any muscle in the body, if you don’t exercise it or if you put it under stress, it will become weak. Over time it won’t be as strong or as flexible as it once was.

And this, on a very basic level is why our eyes deteriorate, and why we wear corrective lenses to compensate.

But if you don’t want to wear glasses (and most people who wear glasses will admit that they don’t), then how can you improve your vision and get rid of your glasses?

Pinhole Glasses


Pinhole glasses are amazing devices. I’ve gone into detail elsewhere about how they work, so I wont bore you here, but in a nutshell, these devices do 2 things:

  • They relax your eyes, by allowing the lens in your eye to relax, and
  • They cut our perhipheral vision and send light straight to the back of your eye, which results in a clear image. If you wear glasses, seeing a clear image without your glasses is quite amazing.

Relaxing Your Eyes

There a few techniques for relaxing your eyes:

  • Take your glasses off when you don’t need them. When you’re wearing glasses, your eyes are constantly “locked” in one place. This can cause stress and tension in your eyes. Simply taking your glasses off will give your eye muscles a chance to stretch and relax. (Think of it as yoga for your eyes.)
  • Palm. Palming is a great little way to relax your eyes. Simply rub your hands together to generate warmth, then cup your hands over your eyes. Make sure all light is cut out. Now simply feel the warmth of your hands on your eyes and breath deeply for as long as you need. You’ll be surprised how much clearer you’ll see when you remove your hands from your eyes.

Eat Healthy

This will not only help your eyes, it will help your overall wellbeing. Eating healthy means eating fruit and vegetables. These foods an amazing amount of vitamins including everything you need to promote healthy vision. Check out this post for a list of the best fruits and veggies to eat for your eyes.

Alternatively, you can also get supplements that are have all of the vitamins and minerals your eyes need to function at their best.

Eye exercises

This is by far the best thing you can do to promote healthy vision. Like I said above, your eyes are muscles. When you exercise your muscles they get strong. The same with your eyes.

You can check out my review of this program, which has one of the most comprehensive training guides for vision improvement I’ve ever seen.


So there you have it. This is a basic list of ways you can improve your vision. There’s a lot more information on this site with additional ways that can help you. Feel free to look around and feel at home.

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