Staying Motivated When Doing Eye Exercises – And How This One Tip Can You Keep You on Track

Want the honest truth?

Improving your vision is hard.

Particularly when you’re a few week’s into an eye exercise program and you feel like it’s never going to end.

You’ve been to the websites, you’ve done your research and you’ve seen all of these people talk about how they did these “simple” eye exercises and miraculously improved their vision.

And you begin to wonder if it’s true.

That I’ve already demonstrated, but the one thing the websites don’t tell you about is the journey along the way.

You’ll receive your program in the mail, and jump into doing the exercises with a great enthusiasm.

But as the days and weeks pass, you begin to feel the drain on your energy. The questions and rationalizations start to surface in your mind.

Is this worth it? Do I really want to improve my vision? Maybe wearing glasses isn’t so bad…

Want to know the truth? Getting to this point is actually a good thing…

A Secret of How the Human Mind Works

When we set out to achieve a goal, we start with a lot of energy and we’re very excited.

But after some time, we find our energy beginning to wane, and eventually we might even stop working to achieve that goal.


Because we’ve lost focus on the end goal.

But if we find ourselves in this situation, that actually means we’ve grown a tremendous amount, and that we’re at the threshold of a permenant, significant change.

And that can scare us.

Our eye’s weaken for a reason. And if we ever reach the point where we no longer need to rely on our glasses, our minds need compensate for whatever the original reason we needed glasses in the first place.

So we will subconsciously sabotage ourselves from reaching our goals.

Luckily there’s only one thing we need to do to stay on track…

The Secret to Achieving Any Goal in Your Life

The #1 thing is to stay focused on your goal!

As simple as that may sound, that is the secret to achieving you goals – stay focused on them.

We usually begin a project with an end-goal in mind, but when we actually start doing the steps to reach that goal we get focused on the steps and forget the bigger picture.

The bigger picture is all of the things you imagined yourself doing without needing your glasses.

Like swimming while still being able to see clearly.

Like being able to wear normal sunglasses.

Like enjoying the sunshine without your glasses sliding down your sweaty face.

Like getting rid of the annoyance of contacts – and the fear of getting something in our eye or losing a lens when we’re in a vulnerable place.

We want freedom to enjoy our lives without this hindrance.

Yet as we do our eye exercises (or begin any program to improve ourselves for that matter) somewhere along the way we start to question whether it’s worth the effort.

That means that we’re actually achieving our goals.

If you’re in the middle of an eye exercise program, remember that image you showed yourself when you started – of a glasses-free life.

Refocus your mind to the original goal you set out to do. It’s so easy to get off track and never finish a project we start – a project that will only improve our lives in the best way possible.

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