EFT for Eyesight (Tapping Script)


Like I mentioned last week, different people will have different experiences when they do vision exercises and use pinhole glasses.

Some will almost immediately see an improvement in their vision, while other won’t.

The ones that don’t can, feel frustrated by their lack of progress. [Read more…]

How Food and Emotional Trauma Effect Your Vision


For healthy eyes eat these

My wife and I recently finished watching the new film “Hungry for a Change.” The premise of the movie was breaking down a big stereotype that effects most people in America – that what’s in our food really does effect how our bodies behave. [Read more…]

How the Power of 10 Can Improve Your Vision

eyesight-power-of-10One of the easiest things you can do to help relax your eyes is to let them rest.

Of course that’s easier said then done – particularly these days when so many of use spend so many hours in front of a computer screen, busy like crazy. [Read more…]

Do I need Pinhole Glasses If I Don’t Wear Glasses? – Benefits of Pinhole Glasses


What if this was all you needed to maintain healthy, natural vision?

Can I enjoy the benefits of Pinhole Glasses even if I don’t wear glasses?

That’s a great question.

Of course the people most aware of the benefits of pinhole glasses are people who currently wear glasses. When they put on a pair of pinholes, they enjoy:

  • Sharper vision the moment they put them on
  • Relaxed vision (they’re a great thing to wear after a long day at work)
  • Over time it might even help them reduce their prescription
  • They can look really cool!

[Read more…]

What the Optical Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Pinhole Glasses

blurry-image-glassesI was 12 when I got my first pair of glasses.

The doctor sat me in a chair, went through a series of “Which is clearer – 1 or 2?” questions.

Then he told my mom that I needed glasses. [Read more…]

How Pinhole Glasses Improve Your Vision

If you don’t exercises a muscle for a long time, the muscle becomes weak. Your eyes are one of the most complex organs in your body with a number of muscles both around and inside of it.

Just like with the rest of your body, if you don’t exercises the muscles in your eyes, they will become weak, or “lazy.”

Once someone starts wearing glasses, the muscles in the eye stop “exercising”. Over time the eyes become weaker, and weaker, requiring the person to get stronger and stronger prescriptions to compensate for their weak eyes.

But the muscles in the eyes aren’t just weak, they’re also stressed. [Read more…]