Vision Improvement Case Study #6: Week 4 Wrap-up – The Word is “Relaxation”

You can read last week’s wrap-up here.

I’ve just finished the exercises to wrap up my 4th week of doing the Rebuild Your Vision program. The highlights of my vision improvement so far have been:

  • Being able to move down 4 rows on the eye chart (that includes the E’s that I made), with both eyes individually. I’m also now able to move down to the 5th row with both eyes together
  • Dropping an entire diopter in my glasses prescription. Like I wrote about last time, when I first started the program I had my eyes checked. They measured my prescription at the time as -5.25/-5. I’d been wearing -4.75/-4.25 and about 2 weeks into the program I found that prescription to be too strong. So I started wearing my old glasses which are currently -4.25/-4 – and entire diopter lower then I was prescribed!

Relaxation is Very Important

One of the core things that you’ll find in any eye exercise program is that it stresses a number of relaxation techniques. These are techniques that usually follow a strenuous exercise as well as a longer relaxation period at the end of each session.

I’ve found these relaxation techniques to be extremely helpful. So much so that if I skip one while I’m in the middle of the routine my eyes won’t perform the same way with the next exercise. Doing them helps to rejuvenate your eyes.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the importance of deep breathing. If I’m in the middle of an exercise and something is just out of focus, if I breath consciously the item begins to come into focus.

You can actually try this right now. Look at a word on a page and move it so that the word just out of focus. Continue looking at it and breath deeply, imagining that all of the air you’re inhaling is flowing into your eyes and relaxing them.

You’ll find that as you do this, the image will come more and more into focus.

Strategies for Relaxing Your Eyes at Work

This might also be a separate blog post at some point, but I’ll share here what I’ve been doing to relax my eyes at work.

One trait that I have is that when I’m doing a particular task I get extremely focused – so much so that I could sit down for 6 hours straight and not even realize that the time’s gone by.

But a weakness I have is that if I get interrupted – particularly constantly – it can be hard for me to jump back into the project.

This makes it almost impossible for me to follow the 10-10-10 rule while still being productive.

The realization I had is that its much better to relax your eyes once every 2-3 hours instead of not resting them at all. I’ve been taking 5 minutes (yes, 5 full minutes) after I complete a task to just palm and breath deeply.

What I’ve found is not only does this relax my eyes, but it completely rejuvenates me, giving me more energy for the next task that I have

Now I happen to work in a cubicle in my office and I have my own office at home so I’m able to pull this off. If you’re not able to find a quite place to palm, my suggestion is (and I’m being completely serious about this) go to the bathroom and palm there. You’ll get complete privacy and it’s only 5 minutes so no one will notice if you’ve disappeared.


I begin the new week of eye exercises tomorrow and as usual I’ll post in about a week to give you the weekly update on my progress.

In the meantime, have a great week!

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