Can’t I just Get Eye Surgery? Why Bother With Pinhole Glasses or Eye Exercises?

Eye surgery seems to be the easy way to improve your vision. While it may be expensive, it seems like there’s nothing to it. I’ll pay a few thousand dollars, they’ll do some procedure and I’ll get up and never need to worry about glasses again!

I remember the first time I saw an ad for laser eye surgery. They showed a picture of a smiling woman and then touted the benefits of the surgery.

“It’s Easy!”

“Never worry about losing or breaking your glasses again!” Et cetera.

They spoke to the very core of anyone who wears glasses and said exactly what they want to here – that you want to stop wearing glasses and we have the best (only) way to accomplish this. [Read more…]

Can You Use Pinhole Glasses During a Solar Eclipse?

pinhole-glasses-eclipseThey’re preparing for a solar eclipse tomorrow in California and it got me thinking, can you view a solar eclipse while wearing pinhole glasses? Do they protect your eyes

No, they don’t. And you can’t. Sorry.

While pinhole glasses are a great way to improve your vision, and to use as sunglasses or reading glasses, they don’t give adequate protection from the sun. Therefore do not look directly at the sun with them.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is I’m going to share with you 2 ways that you can view a solar eclipse without risking any damage to your eyes. [Read more…]

3 Things You Can Start Doing Right Now to Improve Your Vision and Your Health

I’m a great believer of action.

All to often when we decide that we want to accomplish something we start doing 2 things:

1. We start reading and doing research like crazy about whatever it is that we want to do.

2. We start talking endlessly about what we intend to do.

There one thing missing from this list. Actually doing whatever it is we want to do! [Read more…]

What Not Needing Glasses REALLY Fells Like

All right, I want you to imagine that first day when you wake up not needing to put on your glasses.

You wake up being able to clearly see the alarm clock, or the details of your lovers face.

Maybe you’ll go to the eye doctor and they’ll amazingly (because natural vision correction is an unheard of thing in their industry) announce that you have pure, clear natural vision.

Imagine having them take the “needs glasses” section off your drivers license. Imagine driving to work, or going to a party or even doing something as mundane as taking a shower, and being able to see perfectly clearly without glasses.

There’s another aspect of living your life without glasses that you may not even be aware of… [Read more…]

EFT for Eyesight (Tapping Script)


Like I mentioned last week, different people will have different experiences when they do vision exercises and use pinhole glasses.

Some will almost immediately see an improvement in their vision, while other won’t.

The ones that don’t can, feel frustrated by their lack of progress. [Read more…]

EFT for Eyesight

eft-for-visionI’ve talked a few times about how negative emotions can cause our vision to deteriorate. How an early stress, or fear, can cause the muscles in our eyes to “lock up”.

When this happens we typically go to an eye doctor who prescribes lenses for us.

The problem is that these lenses don’t allow our eyes to relax and heal – even if the stress that caused them is no longer there. [Read more…]

How Food and Emotional Trauma Effect Your Vision


For healthy eyes eat these

My wife and I recently finished watching the new film “Hungry for a Change.” The premise of the movie was breaking down a big stereotype that effects most people in America – that what’s in our food really does effect how our bodies behave. [Read more…]